The Future of Real Estate Photography with the Use of Drones

Drones are the perfect tool for aerial photography since they are equipped with high definition cameras that can send photographs and video either to your phone or storage drive. This could revolutionize real estate photography, allowing photographers to take aerial photos of the property, video footage in and around the home, as well as photographs of the area surrounding the home. All of this can easily be done with the use of drones without having to worry about having your finger in front of the lens, strange abnormalities in the photos caused by weird lighting, as well as lessen the chances for strange angles when photographing a room.

Lower the Cost of Real Estate Photography

Currently, real estate photography can cost quite a bit of money. Especially if you are wanting aerial photos of a property. The photographer will more than like likely charge you for the use of a rental plane as well as his time and efforts taking the photos. However the use of drones for this purpose could easily lower the cost since the photographer would be able to set up his drone and fly it above the property and take a few photos. This will eliminate the cost of renting a plane, hiring a pilot, and the risk that may be involved in taking photos from a plane. Aerial photos of homes may even become more popular with the use of drone technology. You only have to look at to get an idea of how advanced some of the best drones are right now.


Real Estate Photographers are all well aware that there may be licensing that would be required to use their drones for commercial use, however they also know that their investment can easily move them into a multi-million dollar industry. The cost of licensing and for their drone would be a drop in the bucket compared to what they spend now to take aerial photos. However there are other rules and regulations that would need to go into place to ensure that everyone feels safe with the use of drones for such purposes. There would be laws that would be put in place to prevent injury, complaints about trespassing, privacy, and nuisance worries. It is important that the general public understands that drones would be used for this specific purpose and they won’t have to worry about being bothered by these unmanned aircrafts.


Drones are used for many different purposes today that help keep people safe from injury. They have been used to take video footage that would not have been possible for a person to do without injury. There is video footage of a recent Iceland volcano erupting that would not be possible without the use of a drone. Footage has been taken of a flood that was able to get close enough to capture details that would not have been possible from a helicopter. The possibilities we have access to in the realm of photography would not be otherwise perceivable without the use of drones to take them for us.

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