Tips to Keep Your Lawn Looking Beautiful

Tips to Keep Your Lawn Looking BeautifulWhether you’re looking for ways to increase the market value of your property or simply seeking a method to get your house to look a little more presentable, you should consider stepping up your gardening game. Lawns are the first thing our neighbours see and when you have a clean, pristine, and presentable garden, you can be sure that your property won’t ever look old or tired.

Many individuals choose to hire gardeners and other service providers to help them get the beautiful lawn they dream of, but did you know you could save a lot on these workers by just taking the time to do a few garden maintenance activities on a daily basis? One of the reasons why some of us feel the need to hire services to tend to our gardens is because we fail to take care of our lawns and allow them to over grow or fail to thrive before we take any action. Keeping your garden looking beautiful is a lot easier than it seems however, so why not exercise your green thumb and put these simple tips into use.

Tips to Keep Your Lawn Looking Beautiful

1. Stick to a Trimming Schedule

If you’ve ever seen any of those over grown gardens in and around your neighbourhood, you already know how unsightly they can be. While some gardens tend to dry out and die completely, there are others that grow unreasonably and turn into forests sooner rather than later. This might become a problem as overgrown gardens could turn into a breeding ground for pests and perils such as rats and snakes. What’s more, gardens that have grown beyond the acceptable limits can even cause damage to your home. Unless you want to have to face expensive costs in the future, you should zero turn mower and mow your lawn and trim your plants on a consistent schedule.

2. Air Out the Roots

Did you know that despite the fact that your plants roots are buried beneath the ground, they still need air in order to grow? Because the soil in many traditional gardens isn’t sandy enough to allow air to seep through, roots become deprived of essential oxygen and thus stump the growth of the plant all together. The result? Short, stumpy, and flimsy plants that don’t grow to your expectations. To ensure that your plants’ roots get the right amount of air, take a fork or any sort of garden tool that can puncture holes through the soil and press it a few times around the base of your plants. Be careful not to stab too close as you could damage the vegetation itself. Do this every time you feel like the soil has become too compact to allow roots to breathe.

3. Buy a Few Ornaments

While bushes, flowers, and a lush grass carpet might seem like enough to keep your lawn looking beautiful, there are some ornaments available for purchase that might just improve the aesthetic even more. Some lawn ornaments even double as lights, sprinklers, or fertilizers which could significantly improve the health of your plants and make the maintenance process a whole lot easier on you. Shop around for lawn ornaments that suit your preference and style and install them in and around your garden area. To make sure that your ornaments are more than just pretty little decorations, see to it that the ones you get have a dual purpose that can benefit your garden. Although they might seem a little more expensive than traditional ornaments, they are investments in their own right and will help to maintain your garden for years to come.

Lastly, make sure that certain areas in your lawn is off limits. While it may seem fun to frolic and even ride a hoverboard on the grass, doing so can damage the grass you’ve worked so hard to keep lush and green. For play areas, it may do you good to consider alternatives such as sand or gravel.